Most websites shouldn't be complicated.

To be more specific, most websites don't need a hero image, an eye-catching heading, a 'services' section or a 'team' section. Some websites just have a few things to say but get forced into adding a bunch of fluff because "the template came with it".

For example, when was the last time you looked at a local restaurant's website? Assuming that they even had a website, what were you expecting from it? Stunning photography and nostalgic storytelling? Of course not, you were expecting to see the hours and the menu. 

What about an event's website? Or somebody's personal page? None of these things, among many others, fit in with the complicated and expensive solutions you'll find if you google "make a website without coding" (which is why most people skip the website altogether). 

The idea behind primo press is that making a website should be as easy as typing up a document. Then if and when you're ready to move on to something more robust, you can.  That way more people can bring their talents and ideas to the web sooner, and without the fuss. 


primo press is in beta, which means we're hyper-focused on our early users and seeing what they like and don't like about the app, but also means that it's possible things could break along the way. For that reason, right now we recommend it more for early-adopter types.


primo press wouldn't be possible without these amazing, mostly open-source technologies. We recommend them all for your next project (unless you're building a competing page builder, in which case we very much do not recommend them).

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